Monday, February 12, 2007

coincidence or angels?

Boy did I Fuck UP!!!! Last Thursday after a trip to town for groceries I stopped on the way home for gas. Luckily (as I saw it at the time) the pump on the end was open and after I filled the tank I could just scoot out of the lot and be on my merry way. As I'm driving across the town square, A song came on the radio to me a very special song. The son I lost almost 20 years ago, used to sing this song to me. I very seldom every hear this song on the radio so when I do hear it I think that my personal Angel is riding with me, and as I'm driving I think Hi sweetheart It's been awhile I still love and miss you. After crossing the square I turn off onto the street that brings me home there is a very steep grade and the car doesn't like going up the grade but makes it and I'm thinking what in the world is going on here the car shouldn't be doing that. But a few more minutes and I'm home putting the car in the garage and not thinking any more about it. Jim gets home and I mention to him about the car and he says "I guess we should get a tuneup soon." The next day after I've finished with the daily stuff around the house. I decide I should go pick up a couple of things from the grocer that I had forgotten. I put the dogs in the kennel, bundle up and open the garage door climb in and the car won't start. Oh my God I'm trapped out here in the middle of nowhere without transportation. I call the JImbo to let him know what is going on. He says he'll check it out when he gets home from work not to worry. When he get home he does check out the car and then starts asking me about the gas I put in. Could it possibly have been diesel fuel? Did I use the last pump that sets apart from the others? Well yes I did but........ That was diesel Hon. Dammit I don't believe I did that. So here I sit with a new name diesel Sallie.........The car in the shop and I'm stuck out here in God forsaken frozen nowhere. But my Angel saw me home safely. (The song is 'You've got a Friend' by James Taylor) ((((HUGS)))) S


At 11:37 AM, Blogger camrya said...

I thought you were going to say that you drove off with the petrol hose still in your truck! Funny isn't it how it was completely the wrong fuel, yet you got up that grade and home anyway. Guess that just proves your angel WAS there and looking out for you. :)

Good to hear from you Schotzy.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger sands of time said...

actually ive done that myself.At least you got home safe and i loved hearing about your angel being with you.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Walker said...

IU just knew you were either going to say you forgot to pay or you filled it with diesel.
Thats gonna gunk up your valves.
Here you can't do it by acciodent anymore because all the service station now have different sizes of nozzel and it wouldn;t have fit in your car by accident.
I hope you get your car back.


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