Monday, July 09, 2007

Here I am again!!!

Thanks to a long conversation with my friend Walker I finally joined google and am able to post again. This by no means will make me post as often as I have before Jim made an honest woman of me, but perhaps an update once in a while.

((((HUGS)))) S

Monday, February 12, 2007

coincidence or angels?

Boy did I Fuck UP!!!! Last Thursday after a trip to town for groceries I stopped on the way home for gas. Luckily (as I saw it at the time) the pump on the end was open and after I filled the tank I could just scoot out of the lot and be on my merry way. As I'm driving across the town square, A song came on the radio to me a very special song. The son I lost almost 20 years ago, used to sing this song to me. I very seldom every hear this song on the radio so when I do hear it I think that my personal Angel is riding with me, and as I'm driving I think Hi sweetheart It's been awhile I still love and miss you. After crossing the square I turn off onto the street that brings me home there is a very steep grade and the car doesn't like going up the grade but makes it and I'm thinking what in the world is going on here the car shouldn't be doing that. But a few more minutes and I'm home putting the car in the garage and not thinking any more about it. Jim gets home and I mention to him about the car and he says "I guess we should get a tuneup soon." The next day after I've finished with the daily stuff around the house. I decide I should go pick up a couple of things from the grocer that I had forgotten. I put the dogs in the kennel, bundle up and open the garage door climb in and the car won't start. Oh my God I'm trapped out here in the middle of nowhere without transportation. I call the JImbo to let him know what is going on. He says he'll check it out when he gets home from work not to worry. When he get home he does check out the car and then starts asking me about the gas I put in. Could it possibly have been diesel fuel? Did I use the last pump that sets apart from the others? Well yes I did but........ That was diesel Hon. Dammit I don't believe I did that. So here I sit with a new name diesel Sallie.........The car in the shop and I'm stuck out here in God forsaken frozen nowhere. But my Angel saw me home safely. (The song is 'You've got a Friend' by James Taylor) ((((HUGS)))) S

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here comes the bride, Big, Fat, and Wide......

The Wedding reception was held a few days after the wedding, in our party garage of course. The actual wedding ceremony was at the courthouse, with all of our children and grandchildren in attendence. My sons, my big hulking mucho macho sons cried through the entire ceremony and when it was finished they hugged Jim and me and told us how happy they were that we had found each other. ((((HUGS)))) S

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sharing a Miracle

In past posts I've told of Jim's friends that became my friends and about hidden heroes, well, this week-end I was allowed to share in their personal miracle.

Fred and Abby are about to have their 10th wedding anniversary. They were each married before. Fred and his ex had 4 children together and he retained custody of those children and when Abby came into his life after his divorce she helped rear those children. Abby had one child in her first marriage and it was a horrible marriage, with broken bones and beatings inflicted by her then husband, when finally Abby was able to leave the son of a bitch and escape with her child, he tracked her down and kidnapped her precious 8 year old son. For 14 years she didn't know where her son was, hadn't heard from him, she lived in a virtual hell wondering and worrying about her child.

Abby and Fred never talked much of Josh. Since we've became friends they would share bits and pieces of the hurting story, and Jim, Donna, Ron and I would not probe into the details knowing there was more to it than Abby's ex had custody of their son.

Two weeks ago Abby got a call from her former sister in law. Josh had called her to see if she knew anything about his mother, he had given her his e:mail address and asked her to share it with Abby if she could.

Abby immediately sent him an e:mail with her phone number. We had all gathered on this Friday night for one of our impromptu parties. Abby and Fred were sharing this story with us completely when the phone rang. Abby didn't make it to the phone before it stopped ringing but she saw on the caller ID the call was coming from Texas (where she new Josh was at this point). She called the number back, identified herself his first word to her was "Mama"? You can only imagine how emotional that conversation was. The tears of joy and laughter.

Josh had been trying to find his mother's family for the past 2 years his father had kept him separated from even his own family so he couldn't get in touch with his mother. He had told Josh is mother was dead. But Josh remembered his grandmother and now that he was grown and on his own he wanted to talk with his grandmother and find out more of his mother.

Josh flew into town this weekend and for the first time in 14 years he was with his mother. He met Fred and they bonded, we the friends didn't intrude on the reunion until yesterday (Sunday). Then we again had one of those garage parties and met Josh for the first time. The smiles on their faces were huge and perpetual. The laughter, the hugs it was indeed a miracle. ((((HUGS)))) S

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grief and healing

In the past I've told you stories of Vicky and Sallie and how we will live in infamy in family legend. This past weekend Vicky and Sallie had a reunion of former glories.

Vicky and I have kept in touch over the years not as close as our childhood but knowing that each other was there but seldom being in the same place at the same time. We both married men that took us away from the life we knew in the Missouri Hills.

This past week sadness struck again with the death of Vicky's brother. I get a call from another of my cousins telling me of this. I call my Jimbo at work telling him of the loss. His first words to me were "you want to go home for the funeral don't you?" Of course I say 'yes' and he tells me to get the details and call him back. This was Tuesday of last week. Jim took the rest of the week off work and we drove down starting early on Wednesday morning and arriving just as the wake was ending but family were still gathered in the parking lot. Vicky was standing with her back to us as we pulled into the parking lot, talking to her 3 older sisters. I walk up behind her touch her on the shoulder. The tears and the hugs begin. The people that run the mortuary unlock the doors again so we can visit Gene one more time, not for long but enough. We go back out to our family and Vicky insists that Jim and I come home with them after the funeral the next day.

The funeral the next day progressed as funerals do of a beloved family member and friend. I saw friends and family I hadn't seen since before Nate and I were married many many, years ago. We all gathered at the church after the ceremony at the cemetery, talked and cried. Convinced Gene's wife to come up and spend some time with me and get away for a while.

Then Vicky and I had Jim and Ron ride together and she and I rode together to their place so far back in the hills even Hawkeye (of last of the Mohawks fame) would be hard pressed to find his way out again. Vicky actually doesn't live on the farm anymore but has people taking care of the fields and animals and she and Ron live in Alabama on their farm there so Ron can be close to his children. But when they come home for a visit there is always a place for them to stay.

After all the tears and emotion of the day we are tired and go to bed early. But the next morning we get up early and make a big country breakfast for the guys then leave them to their own devices and drive for several miles to get Vicky's baby sister and shop flea markets and vegetable stands. When we get back home the guys had made their own shopping expedition for fishing gear. (there are huge ponds on the farm stocked with fish and my Jimbo is a sportsman liking both hunting and fishing) Vicky's niece Jackie and her husband Sean are the caretakers of the farm. So when Vicky, Diana (the baby sister), and I return the guys are on a boat in one of the ponds fishing and the 4 of us girls go to the kitchen and cook. We make a monster traditional country dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, fried corn, and squash with a cheese cake for dessert. After clean up we all go out and sit on the front porch and talk reminiscing, they guys give it up about midnight and go to bed. We girls don't even start to yawn until about 2:30 AM. Jim and I had planned to leave to come back home Saturday morning, but apparently the fishing was so good Ron convinced Jim to stay another day for fishing, which really didn't hurt my feelings a bit. Saturday was another repeat of Friday only other relatives came to visit and eat. So we were able to obtain a lot of healing with our few days together. This being the first time Vicky and I had been able to really visit since I left home in 1969. ((((HUGS)))) S

Monday, July 17, 2006

Move over Miss Manners

Just a quick note today. Jim and I had a very busy weekend (yes again) It was his High School Reunion for 2 nights Friday was a Sixties decade dance for all the classes graduating throughout the 60's and then Saturday night was a nice sit down dinner for just his graduating class. (his 40th reunion) The class went all out renting the banquet hall. Jim and I had fun dressing for dinner. I wore a black evening gown and he wore a nice blue suit. After we got there I was wondering why there were so many police men walking through the dining room and parking lot. I thought" WOW there must be some real bad asses from this class if they need this much security. " After we were seated I found out why the security was so intense. The 1st lady of Nebraska the Govenor's wife was an alumni and she and her husband attended the dinner, and they were seated next to us. She and I share the same first name. And would you believe they are actually very nice people. ((((HUGS)))) S

Thursday, July 13, 2006


You guys know me and how I like to make the best of every situation. I like to dwell on the positive in every thing life throws my way. Admittedly I really have to dig to find it sometimes. But the last few weeks have been quiet and I've had time to contemplate some of the things that really give me pleasure. Soooooooo I am making a list to see if I can come up with 100. Each item is added as I think of it and are not in order of importance.

1. Hearing my new grand daughter laugh out loud for the first time.
2. Snuggling in Jim's arms at the end of each day.
3. A long luxurious bath in the Jacuzzi tub with lots of scented bubbles and music.
4. Climbing into bed with clean sheets after one of these baths.
5. The feel of those clean smooth sheets on just shaven legs.
6. Mighty Mouse curled around my feet as I write this.
7. The love emanating from Mighty Mouse and Hunter everytime they look at me.
8. Sitting on the deck early in the morning with my coffee and 1st cigarette of the day.
9. Watching the progress of a project whether painting or needle craft turn into something beautiful with each stroke of brush or stitch of the needle.
10. Talking with a loved one.
11. Watching old movies.
12. Family gatherings.
13. Impromptu parties with friends.
14. Planned parties with friends and family.
15. Music. Beethoven to Boys II Men it's all good.
16. Shopping, antique malls, Wallmart, Von Maur even Tractor supply.
17. Getting on the bathroom scales and noticing I've lost a couple of pounds.
18. Having Jim notice I've lost a couple of pounds.
19. Sitting on the deck listening to the birds and cicadas.
20. Admiring the display of color and scent from the flowers I planted.
21. The smell of new mown grass.
22. The feel of ice cold coke going down my throat after I've been working in the yard.
23. Making a nice dinner from the vegetables gathered from the garden.
24. The fresh flavor of newly gathered produce.
25. The feel of silk pj's on my skin.
26. Walking around the lake with Jim, Hunter, and Mighty Mouse.
27. Prime Rib Steak
28. Chocolate Chip Cookies just from the oven.
29. Having the beautician wash my hair.
30. A massage.
31. The shivers of pleasure from the massage.
32. How Mighty Mouse jumps in my lap and wiggles his happiness and love for me. Thinking that if his tail was long he could fly, it moves so fast.
33. The aroma and taste of hazelnut coffee.
34. Central AC in the summer.
35. Central Heating in the Winter.
36. Reading a good book.
37. The works of Robert Jordan, J. R. R. Tolkien, et al.
38. Grocery shopping.
39. Having a grandchild spend the night.
40. Reading a story to the gk's
41. Making cookies for the gk's
42. Hugs and kisses from the gk's
43. The first snow of winter.
44. Flowers all the time.
45. A gentle rain.
46. The smell of the air after a rain.
48. Receiving a present for no reason.
49. Giving a present for no reason.
50. A trip to the day spa with the whole treatment.
51. Driving when I'm the only person on the road.
52. The sights, sounds and smells of holidays.
53. Ribs smoked slowly over an applewood fire.
54. Almost anything Chocolate.
55. Arriving home after a long trip.
56. Going on trips.
57. Seeing places I've never been before.
58. Discovering shops I've never shopped before.
59. Buying new clothes, makeup, etc, etc.
60. Having my sons call just to see how I am.
61. The sound of their voices saying "I love you Mom."
62. The things in my treasure box. (letters from my Dad, my used Christmas lollipop, poems the boys wrote for me and such like priceless items)
63. Lazing on rainy days.
64. Finding something that was lost.
65. An off color joke.
66. Memories of childhood.
67. Taking my shoes off after a long day.
68. Taking my bra off after a long day.
69. Manicures and Pedicures.
70. Meeting and old friend I haven't seen in years.
71. Long passionate kisses.
72. Double entendre
73. The satisfaction of having a clean house.
74. Relaxing by the fire on cold snowly days.
75. Hot soup or chili on those cold snowy days
76. Homemade ice cream in the summer
77. Pajamas all the time
78. Dressing formally sometimes
79. Mulberry scented candles
80. Candlelight and soft romantic/relaxing music
81. music that makes you want to dance
82. Winning at trivial pursuit
83. Cleaning out dresser drawers and finding money.
84. Going through pockets on laundry days and finding money.
85. Sitting in the porch swing, swaying slowly back and forth
86. Floating on the raft in the pool with an icy drink and my eyes closed.
87. The smell of new mown hay
88. Walking barefoot in the lawn.
89. Listening to the compliments for a meal I've prepared
90. Watching people enjoy a meal I've prepared.
91. Eating a meal I haven't had to prepare.
92. Watching a cloud shadow drift across the landscape I see from my front door.
93. Sitting outside at night with Jim watching the stars and talking.
94. Having people think Jim and I have been together for years and years 95. Sleeping in
96. Friends
97. Family
98. Home
99. Not having a mortgage
100. Being able to find this many things that please me......