Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Busy Summer

Oh Jeeez, where to start. After Jim and I got back from my family reunion the next Sunday we went to his family reunion. Which was held locally so we didn't have a 30 hour drive to go to it. We had a ginormous pot luck in a beautiful park by the Missouri River. It was a bit chilly but we had a wonderful time. Then this last weekend of course was Father's day and we had the usual family dinner. But Hobbs (the 16 year old kitty) had been failing recently so I made an appointment with the vet knowing he would recommend that Hobbs go to sleep. So we lost one of our beloved pets Saturday. All last week as Hobbs got weeker and weeker Hunter and the M&M would curl around him to keep him warm the goodbyes were very emotional and the little guy has left an enoumous hole in our lives. My Jimbo also paid a visit to his Dr. and is in the begining stages of Sugar Diabetis. This only intensified the emotion of loosing Hobbs. Then also in this time frame Jim's son-in-law got a new job now he is out of town 5 weeks at a time home 1 week and then back on the road again. This has made Jim's daughter a single parent and almost a daily resident here with the kids. It's a wonderful thing that we are friends and that the kids love grandma. Well that's all for now. (((((HUGS))))) S

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We just got back home last night and boy were we tired. But it was a wonderful weekend. Brother Jim and Jim bonded as I knew they would. They not only share the same first name and birthday but they also have Vietnam in common. (not to mention their love for me) Saturday my Jimbos spent the day fishing while my sister and I went shopping. Then Sunday it was the family reunion. I saw cousins I hadn't seen in so many years it scares me to even type the number. I wasn't there 10 minutes when I hear someone screaming my name and hobbling up to me crying and hugging me. It was my Aunt Helen, she and my Mom are the only ones left of their generation, and it was so good seeing her again. Then Vicky was there Vicky was my very first best friend. I mentioned this to her and she said 'You have always been my only best friend'. When Vicky and I were growing up we became a family legend with our exploits. There were songs sang of our shenanigans. When she met my Jim the first thing out of her mouth was 'you better be good to her'. Then she asked what my boys thought of him and when I told her she looked at Jim and said 'Well I guess you're halfway there'. But my Jimbo fit in with all the rest of the rednecks and we talked and ate and shot the BS for many hours. Next Sunday we do a repeat performance at Jim's family reunion. ((((HUGS)))) S