Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big game hunter

Not much to blog about, and I suppose you've noticed this is the first post this week. Today is my mother's birthday. I will make a visit to her with a balloon bouquet, a tiny bday cake, cards, and of course the present. Then this weekend Jim and I will take her out to the treehouse and have a small family get together for her. She is 83 today a triple Libra, (her rising sign and her moon is also in Libra). Oh yes I do horoscopes. Not the kind in the news papers, but those for each individual. You would be amazed at how accurate those are. I am a Leo with Capricorn rising, which means when I go into any store I am drawn to the most expensive items in there.

Jim's back is much better thank you very much Walker, I haven't damaged it worse than what it was, there are other things to do that don't put any un-necessary stress on those back muscles and nerves. *wink*

My next door neighbor (the one eyed pervert) has noticed that I leave town every weekend. And asked me if I was going to invite him to the wedding. I gave him and answer that wasn't really an answer. Would you like to know how he has been dubbed the One Eyed Pervert?

When Nate and I bought this house 30 years ago he was already living in the house next door. He was in his late 50's then and his wife of many years had left him because of his philandering ways. He had met a much younger woman at one of his hangouts (he also plays in a not very good blues band). He moved her and her son into his house, and each and every weekend they would entertain the neighborhood with their domestic strife. She would try to run him over in the car, they would discuss the most intimate part of their relationship in the front yard at the top of their voices in the wee hours of the morning and so on. Well eventually those discussions became violent and she put one of his eyes out. After this their relationship went down hill and she too moved out. After her there was an endless stream of younger women he would move in and they would move out. And let me tell you some of these women where sooooooooooo ghetto, hoochie, degraded. Now Mr. OEP is a very small man maybe 5'6" tall at the most and very slender. And the last paramour that moved in with him was as I've described but she had 5 sons a couple that were teenagers and gangbangers as well. With the exception of him and his loves we have a very nice peaceful neighborhood. In the years she lived with him (she is gone now thank you God) her sons terrorized the neighborhood. They would deal drugs from the front porch, they put Mr. OEP out of his own house. Mr. OEP even asked my sons at one point to help him if they saw these boys beating the shit out of him. Their mother would actually do drugs with them. Now a very much aging Mr. OEP is still trying to bring into his home these women he finds God only knows where. After Nate died would you believe that he tried to put a move on me? Do you know how fast I turned him down?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knife of Dreams

Wow I just finished listening to the new Robert Jordan book 'Knife of Dreams'. It was sooooooo good. I've only been addicted to this story (The Wheel of Time) for 15 years or so. And after 11 books Jordan says he can complete the story in just one more book. I bought the audio book and a hard cover copy of the book Tuesday, and started listening to it in the truck while I was out and about. The only time I wasn't listening to the story was the time I was sleeping and believe me I had a CD in playing when I turned off the lights. But alas I finished the last CD today and I will start reading the book to pick up the things I missed. And then it will be at least 2 more years until my next fix. But I must say this was a very satisfying segment of the story, He completed and progressed so many of the plots and sub plots. I love that man he has such a talent for telling a story. No wonder his books hit the New York Times best seller list the first week one of his books are released.

I know you haven't heard much from me for several days, besides the book release on Tuesday, the transmission went out on my truck, and of course the warranty had expired. So that was $2200 I hadn't budgeted for. There have been so many of those little things going on in my life I just didn't feel much like blogging. But I have the truck back and I am going to drive out to Jim's tomorrow morning for a long weekend away from here. He has taken tomorrow off to have an extra full day of working on the garage so it will be ready for the Halloween party.

We finally got the last of my things out of storage and so now my house is so full of things I barely have a path through the rooms until I get the guest room set up, I have a bed frame and mattress and box springs and the armoire and boxes and boxes and shelves and the things that go on the bed and in the drawers and on the shelves and tables all over the living room and dining room and the hall everywhere except where they should be. Yes I know I'm moving to Jim's house but I have worked and waited on these changes for so long that I at least want everything in place to see it before I pack it up. My son Jamie and his girl friend Kendra will be taking over this house when I move.

Jim's back is so much better now but he is still on the muscle relaxers and the non prescription pain relievers, I just hope he doesn't aggravate it trying to get his project completely finished for the Halloween party, he has promised me he won't over do. But we'll see.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Old folks with young ideas

The weekend was nice as usual, but Jim pinched his sciatic nerve climbing up and down the ladder installing the moisture barrier in the garage, it did slow the pace a bit. So he sat in his easy chair most of the weekend alternating an ice pack and a heating pad for his back. (and yes it was the ladder and not me) We did use those free tickets to the Comedy Club, Ares Spears from Mad TV was the guest entertainer and he was so funny. And because one of our group needed to use the handicap entrance we kinda let the crowd clear out before we left, so were able to meet the comics and talk with them a bit and yes I did get a hug after giving them shit about being so hard on 'white' people. After the show we went for a midnight supper even though it was Sunday night and most of us had to go to work the next day. I stayed an extra day because I'm old and I'm not used to staying up so late, so I slept in and let Jim go to work, with his hurting back I did call the Dr to get him the first available appointment. So now he is on muscle relaxers and pain killers. When we talked last night he had taken them because he was talking really loopy. The puppies were certainly happy to have another day together,

Cheryl and Fred make quite a handsome couple I really hope they get together, they both have such loving and giving personalities. Fred actually looked human after his motorcycle accident of the previous Sunday. He was still feeling battered but was able to hobble about. This was the first time Cheryl had met my friends but she fit in so well anyone seeing the group of us would have thought we'd known each other for years.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


When I was a little girl my heroes were those you saw on TV, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Sky King, and then later the movie heroes joined in the roll. It amazes me now that none of these heroes that I still hold dear to my heart were women. As I've aged I have added many non-famous people to this personal roll call of admirable people. Women such as Marva Collins, an educator in Chicago, that took children the system had labeled unteachable, and proved the system wrong. Yes there are faceless heroes out there that I admire and thank God for, the men and women that cleaned up after 911, those that are going to New Orleans to help the sick and homeless. But I have a particular person in mind that inspired this post. I have known her for just a few months but my admiration grows the more I know her and the closer we become. My friend Abby.

Abby is the surgical charge nurse at one of our local hospitals. And being a nurse is admirable in my opinion, but these particular nurses face life and death situations on a daily basis. Abby and other charge nurses, are virtually invisible to the hospital patient. But so many lives that have been saved can be attributed to these wonderful people. If something goes wrong in the operating room they are the ones that get the needed help in there asap. There are times that women have to have a vaginal procedure and are completely under anesthesia, they are in a teaching hospital and have signed a waiver to allow medical students to watch and assist in some cases. She doesn't know that 10 students will be ramming their hands into her vagina, if the Dr in charge has his way. It is the charge nurse that protects her privacy. It is the charge nurse the checks Dr stupidity. And like I said the patient never even know these little dramas go on while they are sleeping peacefully.

I bring this up because I listen to my friend and the horror stories she tells each weekend after a grueling week. She lives across the street from Jim and soon to be me. I see her leave for work at 4 in the morning. I see how she agonizes when they have lost a patient. And I marvel that she can do this day after day. So this is Kudos to my new heroes. S

The Infamous Mighty Mouse

Can you see the personality exuding from this little guy? Do you see how he has my heart wrapped in his tiny little paws? S