Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My new grandaughter came home from the hospital last week. I want you to know she is the most beautiful little miniperson I've ever seen in my life. She now weighs 5 lbs. But she has never been scrawny like so many premmies are. She is perfectly proportioned and has a head full of beautiful black hair. Blue/gray eyes. Her little lips are turned up at the corners in a perpetual smile. When you hold her she just snuggles into you like she never wants to leave the protection and warmth of your love. Jamie and Kendra had her wrapped in the blanket I crochetted for her. Which was the first she was swaddled in when she was allowed to have her own things at the hospital. This little princess already has a kingdom to command with her daddy and uncles paying homage to her. Not to mention a grandpa who refused to share the snuggles and 2 canines that poised themselves on either side of her and would not let anyone get close without approval of the grandpa. Mighty Mouse wouldn't even let his buddy Hunter get closer than Jim's feet. He would snarl and warn him to back off. Jamie who has never liked the M&M said "I think I'm starting to like that dog now. "

Jim and I will be going to my families reunion this coming weekend. He has already met my sister but now he gets to meet my brother and cousins and nieces and nephews and so on. He and my brother not only share their first name but also the same birthday. (isn't that strange?) Just another of those coincidences that riddle us. ((((hugs)))) S

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walker I can't post comments on your site!!!! Help

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Saturday Night

The OFA (old farts association) got together last night for an evening of food, music and bullshit. The group consists of Phred and Abby, Ron and Donna, another Fred, Jim and I. We all congregated at Phred and Abby's for a BBQ with the music blasting (Country music my least favorite flavor) I did manage to slip in a CD by Michael Paulo. When it started to get cool and dark we lit candles and lighted a fire in the pit and then started in with the BS to see who could tell the tallest tale. I have a unique possition in the group as Smart Ass and I specialize in deliberatly misconstruing a story/statement making a comment on such. It does lead to quite a bit of laughter especially since by this time the OFA have imbibed quite a few cans of brew. (me being the exception since I don't care for the taste of most alcoholic beverages. besides that it's fun being the only sobber person). ((((hugs))))

Friday, May 19, 2006

This and That

There isn't much to write about. Until Nadia was born on May 2nd May was a month of many sorrows, and as those sad anniversaries rolled around I would pay homage to my loved ones with allowing my self to grieve again for them on those days. (Yes I know they wouldn't want me to be sad) That is also one of the most wonderful aspects of mine and Jim's relationship. We can share the sadness of our lives with each other share each others pain, release the pent up pain of those losses, then rejoice that we have found each other and share the wonderful blessings that we have. It's wonderful to have someone you can share all of your emotions with, the anger, the triumphs, the down in the gutter naughtiness.
In the time after I lost Nate and had started dating again, I met quite a few not so nice guys. My sons were so protective throughout that portion of my life it's kind funny now. It was like I was a promiscuous teenager with 3 BIG overprotective fathers monitoring my doings.........And yes they scared off quite a few opportunists. But Jim managed to stick it out through their tests, and when we had dinner with Jamie and Kendra earlier this week for Jamie's birthday there was a moment Jamie and I had alone and he commented to me "Mom, I really like Jim" . ((((Hugs)))) S

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where I've been and what I've been doing

Oh Jeeeeez, I don't know where to start. I suppose the death of my computer would be a nice place to start. Yep it died and so did Jim's so they had to be replaced. Then it was just so damned busy merging my stuff with his, and convincing him I have better taste in decorating than he does. Then there was the premature birth of my new grand daughter Nadia (and she is beautiful I want you to know). It was touch and go with my mother for a while she had a series of little strokes and had lost the ability to walk and talk for a time. She is getting around wonderfully now she has always been a tough cookie. Remember the balloon story? Hunter and the infamous Mighty Mouse are doing well. M&M is curled on my foot right now. The wedding is to happen on the 1st of September and is in danger of getting out of control. Jim's daughter Deb graduated from collage with a degree in psychology and one in biology. My son Jamie and his wife and new daughter took over my house in town. I am enjoying the beauty of life and springtime in the country. The birds are giving me a private concert even as I write this. There was a gentle rain Sunday and there was a gorgeous rainbow just for my viewing. Jim was playing guitar the other evening and composed a song about Mighty Mouse the honery little shit. And apparently the honery little shit understood every word of the song and was dancing all around the living room. Life is good!!! (((Kisses)))) S

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm back

Ok I'm back I'm sorry to have been away so very long. Life has just been so busy since I moved out here with Jim. First with the holidays then just spending time with each other, then with his daughter graduating from collage, the premature birth of a new granddaughter and so on and so on.

We have actually started to plan our wedding. We will go to a justice of the peace for the legalities then have a ceremony and party here in the tree house the labor day weekend. Kisses S