Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The First Interview

Well yesterday morning after having taken my grandkids to school (in my jammies btw). I came home did the nice relaxing bath and washed my hair. I primped and powdered, perfumed donned my power suit. Printed out my resume' on thick expensive paper I might add. Made sure M&M's water and food dishes were full, jumped in the silver bullet and drove downtown to the County's HR offices. Have I told you how many years it's been since I've been job hunting? It's been well over 25 years and that's no joke. Well I walked into the office and was the only applicant there, so I get the stack of forms and applications from the receptionist sit at the table, pull out my reading glasses and proceed to share my life with these people. After about half an hour I'm finished with that portion of the task turn in my paperwork and now I need to take a typing test. It has been as long since my last typing test as it has been since my last job hunt. So I go into this little room and practice for a couple of minutes to get familiar with the keyboard, and take the test. I amazed myself I gave them twice the words per minute than they required with near perfect accuracy. Then they did the interview. I was calm and poised and made eye contact, asked lots of questions. I got the feeling I made a very good impression BUT it will be 2 weeks from tomorrow before I know anything. S

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wish me Luck

This morning I am going for a job interview. Yes the retirement thing isn't 'all that' anymore, and besides I need health insurance that doesn't cost $1000 a month. The job I'm trying for isn't very technical or have any part in saving lives, but is one that I believe I can leave behind when I walk out of the door each evening. If I get the job I will be a records clerk at the county corrections facility. Yes an office cop. So wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes. S

Friday, August 26, 2005

Okay, I'm a serial Meme thief, But this is the funniest one yet.

YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (Name of first pet / Street you live on)
Poochie Saratoga

YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (Name of your favorite snack food / Grandfather's first name)
Brownie James

YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME: (First word you see on your left / Favorite restaurant)
Sky ChiChi

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice / Last Foreign Vacation Spot)
Ginger Germany

SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname / Town Where You First Partied)
Schotzy St Louis

FLY GIRL/BOY ALIAS (a la J. Lo): (First Initial / First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)
S. Hel

ICON ALIAS: (Something Sweet Within Sight / Any Liquid in Your Kitchen)
Sugar Smoothie

DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal / Where You Went to High School)
Kitten Lesterville

BARFLY ALIAS: (Last Snack Food You Ate / Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink)
Peanut Kahluah

SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name / Street Where You First Lived)
Mae Long Branch

ROCK STAR ALIAS: (Favorite Candy / Last Name Of Favorite Musician)
Kisses MacCartney

YOUR STAR WARS NAME: ( First 2 letters of your first name and the first 3 Letters from your last name makes your first name. Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and the first 3 letters of the city you were born in)
SaHel ShIor

Thursday, August 25, 2005


The weekend is fast approaching and I am so ready to get out of the city again. Jim and I have gotten into the pattern of his stopping by on Friday after he gets off work loading my suitcase in the car and my spending the weekend at his place. This Friday happens to be his granddaughters 5th Birthday so we will go to his house to leave M&M and the luggage and then drive into town for the party.

The garage project at Jim's is still in progress, half of the roofing is complete and almost all of the siding is done. The outside of the garage will be completed this Saturday, leaving only the inside work the wiring, walls, ceiling, cabinets and doors. So maybe about another month of the OFA (old farts association) laboring to complete this years project.

Then it is Party time again. The bed and breakfast we've planned and the trip to Arbor Lodge (where Arbor Day was born). At least one dressup event at the Orpheum Theater. This should take us up to Halloween at least when we plan to have a big party for he grandkids with a Harry Potter/wizard of Oz theme. Even the trees will be in costume with faces. Dr Fred made a PVC body for me to accessorize as a witch, and we will have a bonfire with cauldrons full of treats for the kids and yes I am getting a fog machine. With eerie music playing and dancing in the garage decorated with spider webs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Meme stolen from the Peanut Queen

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at?
My face

2. How much cash do you have on you right now?
about $30.

3. What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"?
4. Favorite plant?
Rose bush

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone?
Bad Boys

7. What shirt are you wearing?
Pajama shirt

8. Do you "label" yourself?
Oh yes I have a t-shirt that calls me goddess

9. Name brand of your shoes currently wearing?
plain lable walmart slippers to go with the jammies

10. Do you prefer a bright or dark room?
in between I like dimly lit rooms

11. What did you have for breakfast?
coffee and a banana

12. Since question 12 is weirdly missing, make some shit up.
shit can't be made it has to be created

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say?
a reply to the text message I sent which said 'wanna fuck'? the reply was 'oh yeah babe'

15. Do you ever click on "Pop Ups" or Banners?
never, never, never

16. What's an expression that you say a lot?
Oh my God

17. Who told you they loved you last?

18. Last furry thing you touched?
Mighty Mouse

19. How many hours a week do you work?
I'm the goddess I don't work

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
I have a digital camera so none

21. Favorite age you have been so far?
37 was a good year

22. Your worst enemy?

23. What is your current desk top picture?
A Japanese garden in the Fall

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
Kisses I love you

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to go back in time and fix all your mistakes which would you choose?
I would go back to correct the mistakes only if I had a garuntee that I could fix them otherwise the million

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

School Days

With school starting in the morning it reminds me of my first experience with school. Some of you may remember me telling of my family moving into town because Mom and Dad just didn't think it would be safe for me to walk to the bus stop from the family farm having to cross a footlog over the creek, they just knew that I would have to stop and play in the water both going and coming home from school. Or possibly one of my older sisters deciding they had had enough of my pestering would push me off the log (I was a horrible baby sister). I can imagine that the sister that is 5 years older than me would have been more than a little happy to see the end of me since I usurped her position as baby in the family (she hasn't forgiven me for that even after all these years).

So we moved to town, which consisted of one combination grocery store, gas station, and upstairs on the week ends a movie theater, the 2 room school house and a Baptist church. Our house sat directly behind the school house. The only other residential building was the home of the people that ran/owned the store, and they had a daughter just my age. Meeting a new friend to play with was just about the most wonderful thing that had happened to me since my best friend and cousin had moved to another town. Angela and I shared many adventures climbing trees and making mud pies and any number of creative things little girls can think of. Then Angela's family sold the store and moved to St. Louis before school started so I was once again without a playmate.

The school didn't have a kindergarten and it would be another year before I was old enough for the first grade. And when school started I didn't even have my sisters and brother to torment to occupy my time. I was very adept at pretending and I had an imaginary playmate named Edna, (where I got that name I have no idea, but I thought it the most elegant name in the world and that I had made it up, and when I learned that someone actually had that name Edna went away). I would also roam around the yard and climb fences and any number of messy non elegant ways to occupy my time. One day I wandered down to the school house, it was still early fall and the doors were open and I would stand next to the wall and peep around the door to listen to what was going on in there. Mrs. Henry the first through forth grade teacher noticed me. She crooked her finger at me telling me to 'come here' inviting me in and I shyly walked into the classroom. I immediately fell in worship of her she was so gentle and kind and would sit me by her desk and included me in the first grade lessons. I would go to school everyday with my sister and hated weekends when there wasn't school. When school was out the last day of school was the last time I ever saw Mrs. Henry. That was the last year for the 2 room school. The county consolidated all the little schools so Mom and Dad sold that house and bought a house in Lesterville where the big school was (big in terms of more than 2 class rooms).

That summer after we had moved to Lesterville, I received the first letter addressed to me it contained a birthday card, a stick of juicy fruit gum and a letter from Mrs. Henry telling me how much she missed me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Wow what a weekend. One of Jim's neighbors gave a bday party for me despite the fact Jim and I had given ourselves a joint party at the begining of August. It was really a nice party too. Ron and Donna are such nice people, and Donna's family were all there since they had been in town for Donna's sisters wedding, her brother was in from Los Vegas where he is a professional musician. He gave us a private concert, and we sang and we danced and we ate and we drank. The dance lessons I took a couple of months ago really paid off I wasn't embarrased to shake my 'groove thang'. Jim did embibe a bit much and had to be poured into bed, but since it was only a short walk back up the hill I was able to handle it pretty well. Then Sunday Jim and I just kinda lazed around until about 11:00 then we went out for brunch, and a bit of shopping. First we went to a pawn shop and bought his grandaughter a flute for school, and Jim another 410 shotgun for hunting this Fall, then we went to a jewelry store and he got me a nice diamond pendant on a gold chain. Yes I know he gave me the trip to the spa for my bday but what can I say the man loves to spoil me (but I spoil him back). When we went into the jewelry store he used the subterfuge that he needed a new watch and I should help him choose which one, and I believed him because I knew he did indeed need a watch. After that we were supposed to join Pat and Reesie at the Greek Festival, but it was just too hot and humid to do justice to it so we went back to Jims showered and lazed in the bed watching movies and talking. Which brought us to this morning (my actual bday) when he brought me and the M&M back home on his way into work. Pat and Reesie had a big family dinner for me at their house and he joined us for that and now he is on his way back to Iowa and the treehouse. Such a nice birthday in fact one of the best ever. S

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Birthday Present

Today was spent at the Serenity Day Spa, this was my bday present from Jim, the full treatment First was the facial, which took an hour, and then another hour massage, and then came the manicure with a parafin treatment and hand massage, and then a pedicure with a parafin treatment and foot massage. OMG my bones feel as if they have turned into jelly. I am so mellow and relaxed. There isn't one single stress kink in any muscle in my entire body.

Monday being my Bday Jim is also planning to take me out for a romantic dinner Sunday, since Monday will be spent with my sons and their families. All of this special treatment is very nice. Jims Daughter and SIL are also making a big todo at their house. I am starting to feel like the royality my birth sign implies that I am. LOL......... It's good to be the Queen............